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7 Strategies to Maximize Your Benefits

At Lundy Insurance, we know that benefits are an expensive investment for your company. We want to make sure that you receive the ultimate possible return on that investment. That is why we developed our 7 strategies that we use to help you maximize the effect of your benefits.


Maximize your broker.
As your broker, our aim is to creatively solve your health insurance needs through specialization, relationships and always doing what is best for you, no matter what the cost to us.


Maximize Human Resources Efficiency
We know that your Human Resources staff has a lot of tasks on their plate. We want to equip them with resources to help them accomplish their job more quickly, accurately and efficiently. Our client portal has a variety of forms and articles that address essential HR topics, and there is even a forum where you can ask hundreds of other HR professionals in the US any questions that you have.


Maximize Health Care Reform Compliance
The health care reform law is on the forefront of everyone’s mind as 2014 approaches. We regularly provide our clients with legislative updates and clarifications and do everything in our power to make sure that you are aware of any pertinent health care reform information.


Maximize State Compliance
Each state has different insurance and human resource laws. As your broker, we make sure that you stay up-to-date on all of the California-specific information that you need to know.


Maximize Health and Wellness Initiatives
Promoting health and wellness at your business can decrease your health insurance costs, increase productivity and lead to a higher rate of employee satisfaction. We provide you with several tools that you can use to help start your own health and wellness initiatives.


Maximize Employee Insight
For many employers, the purpose of offering benefits is to help retain quality workers. But has your current broker actually taken the time to ask your employees what they benefits they most desire from their job? We do. Through our customized survey, we help you find out what combination of products you can offer to your employees to keep them happy and healthy.


Maximize Benchmarking Data
Last, but certainly not least, we access nationwide benchmarking data to make sure that you are competitive when compared to other employers in your industry.


Do you want a chance to see how our 7 strategies can help you maximize your money? Contact us today and we will get you started!

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