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Step Up Your Employee Benefits!

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With all the changes that have taken place with the Affordable Care Act, many small businesses are tempted to hang up their hat on Health Insurance and employee benefits. While it may seem like an easy way to cut cost, the cost of not providing your employees with benefits could be even greater in the long run. Employees who have ample health benefit are more likely¬†to take care of aches, pains and sickness sooner, decreasing out of office time. Even ancillary benefits, which don’t cost much to the employer, can make a world of difference to an employee. Offering a vision plan could be the difference between an employee updating their prescription right way or waiting to do so and making mistakes on their work. Every little added benefit makes a huge difference for your employees! Employers are getting creative these days with additional benefits, including gym memberships, offering to pay a portion of student loans, paying for continuing education, and even covering cost of transportation. If you have great employees make sure they are motivated to stay productive with your company! Contact us today, we are happy to help you with creative benefits ideas!